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Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy

Inflammation of the site where the Achilles tendon attached into the calcaneus (back of heel).  This area is where the tendon and bone meet is called the enthesopathic junction.


Common causes include tightness and weakness of the calf muscle and achilles tendon, wearing high heel shoes that shorten the calf and achilles, rapid increase in training load, change of training surfaces, inadequate stretching and rest in-between training sessions, poor foot biomechanics including excessive pronation and excessive supination, as well as being overweight and/or weight gain.


Treatment usually involves addressing calf and achilles tightness, strengthening the aforementioned, managing training load, home treatment of ice and anti-inflammatory gel/tablets (7-14 days max) , adding 5 – 10mm heel raises.  If symptoms don’t improve then looking at the use of a Night Splint, Foot Orthotics, Shockwave Therapy and a referral to a Sports Dr for further medical management and opinion about the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma injections.


Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Flowchart