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Using over 14 years of experience working with recreational runners in both the clinical setting and as a previous specialty Podiatry running shoe store owner Aleks is perfectly positioned to give you the right advice in regards to complimenting preventing running injuries.
Running analysis, running podiatrist
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Running Shoe Assessment

Even if you are not injured but you are wondering which shoes are potentially better for your situation we can help.


Important areas we cover if consulting about your running shoes:


    1. Education on foot type and foot function
    2. Gait analysis to identify foot function and foot strike
    3. Running shoe assessment – including history
    4. Running shoe recommendations – based off latest research
    5. Running referral via email – list of shoes in category – includes 10% discount on presentation to local running shoe store
    6. Discussion on why rotating your running shoes is good for you – appropriate recommendations on how to do this are made.
    7. Discussion on other running aids such as socks and recovery sandals
    8. Lower leg and foot strengthening exercises to help compliment preventing running injuries – via exercise app.