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Our Sports & Running Podiatry local service at Burleigh Heads is located with Burleigh Heads Physiotherapy Centre.  This fantastic family clinic has experienced physiotherapy practitioners and other allied health.  We have provided Podiatry at this clinic for over 5 years now.
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Clinic Availability:

Tuesday All Day – Nicholas Roth
Wednesday Afternoon – Nicholas Roth
Thursday All Day – Nicholas Roth


Note: Aleks Baruksopulo only consults from the Broadbeach location.

Nicholas Roth
General Care, Sports & Exercise Podiatrist

Call To Book Ph: (07) 5535 5218

Nicholas graduated from QUT in 2015. Nicholas previously worked in Far North Queensland and on the Sunshine Coast; he relocated to the Gold Coast in 2021 with his wonderful wife and daughter. Nicholas enjoys all things outdoors, and his favourite sport is soccer, where he has played interstate and overseas. On the weekends, he loves fishing, camping and visiting the beautiful beaches all along the Coast. Nicholas has a particular interest in Sports Biomechanics, Paediatric Podiatry and complex caseloads. He is kind and passionate about helping his patients achieve their goals and using the motto “prevention is better than cure” to get there.

Podiatry @ Burleigh Heads

Podiatrists are health professionals trained to deal exclusively with the foot and lower limb. The feet are a very complex part of the body, and allow you to perform vital functions and activities, so they should not be neglected. If you have pain or problems with your feet, a Podiatrist is the best health professional to assist you.
Our fully qualified Podiatrists are dedicated to providing you with the best possible level of care.


Our experts will get to the source of your symptoms, working with you to address your goals, relieve pain, regain mobility, and effectively treat your foot problems.
Podiatry @ Broadbeach Sports & Spinal focuses on understanding clients clinical, and lifestyle needs to develop a comprehensive, practical and individualised treatment plan. With an emphasis on patient education, the client is empowered to develop self-management strategies that are targeted towards maximising the benefit of treatment over the long term.


Whether you are looking to prevent an ongoing injury, restore function or improve mobility, or general podiatry treatment, our podiatrist can offer you the best advice and treatment to get you back to your full potential.


We provide running and sports Podiatry in Burleigh Heads within Burleigh Heads Physiotherapy Centre. We provide experienced Podiatrist services for Burleigh Waters, Elanora, Currumbin, Tugan, Tallebudgera, Billinga and Kirra.

Where to find us?
18A West St, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

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