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At SportsMed Podiatry, we have been providing expertly prescribed orthotics on the Gold Coast for over 5 years.  We only use high quality materials, the latest 3D technology as well as we pride ourselves on our back-up support and aftercare.
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Our Foot Orthoses Process

We provide expertly prescribed sports & running foot orthoses on the Gold Coast. We only use high-quality materials, the latest 3D technology as well as we pride ourselves on our backup support and aftercare.


The 5 key ways SportsMed Foot Orthoses devices can help you:


1. Help deload soft tissue structures that are potentially having to work too hard to move your body.

2. Improve your foot function during the walking and running gait cycles.

3. Comfortably support you so you can wear all day if required

4. Complement the footwear they were designed for to help improve outcomes.

5. Complement your rehabilitation exercises prescribed by your Podiatrist or Physiotherapist.


Our 5 step Orthotic process.

It is definitely NOT all about foot orthoses and we will try to avoid them if possible. In many conditions, there is no requirement for orthotic devices and we pride ourselves in our clinical decision making and being able to communicate when and if they are required.


Step 1. Initial Consultation

• Patient History, Goals, Diagnosis, education, interventions, treatment, plan.

• Do you require orthotics and can we avoid them (if applicable)?

• Potential testing with taping to see if an orthotic may potentially help.


Step 2. Follow-up Consultation: Continue Rehabilitation, Assessment of Interventions & Potential use of foot orthoses

• Continual treatment and advancement of exercises (if applicable).

• Feedback on whether supporting feet with tape helped.

• If deemed clinically useful then going ahead with the foot orthoses.

• Foot scan or foam box impression + Biomechanical assessment to allow us to do prescription for your orthotics


Step 3. Follow-up Consultation: Foot Orthoses Dispense

• Continual treatment and advancement of exercises (if applicable)

• Orthoses fitting into shoes


Step 4. Consult: Orthotic follow up consultations

• To make sure you are complying to your foot orthoses and to check device wear.

• Continual treatment and advancement of exercises (if applicable)


Step 5. Back-up Support – Follow-up communication and reminders

We pride ourselves on our Rehabilitation Ecosystem. You will receive automated emails to prompt you to communicate with us along the course of your orthotic wear to troubleshoot any problems or concerns.

For more information or further questions about our Orthotics please email info@sportsmedpodiatry.com.au, OR

Book an appointment by clicking on your closest clinic, or complete a request for a callback.