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SportsMed Podiatry Clinics is a famous Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine clinics at Bilinga which provides Fungal Nail Laser treatment at reasonable price.
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Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

This is an effective form of treatment for fungal nails with only 3 treatments required at 4 week intervals, as opposed to having to diligently apply ointments every day, sometimes twice per day for 12 months to see similar effects at the same 12 month period.  This ultimately saves you time, the hassle and money!


The laser is thought to work by penetrating underneath the nail to where the fungus lives and causes the fungal cells to heat up.  The heating effect is what is thought to initiate chemical change, disrupt molecular bonds and produce free radicals that destroy the cells.


Please keep in mind that the laser DOES NOT aesthetically fix the nail/s straight away as the toenails take between 12 – 18months to grow through full length however you should see changes during this period as the fungal nail starts to grow out.


At SportsMed Podiatry the Fungal Nail Laser Treatment is carried out by Podiatrist Aleks Baruksopulo who has both a Biomedical Science Degree (BSc) and Podiatry Degree (BHlth Sc (Pod)).


The cost is $199 per session x 3 sessions = $597 Total


Unfortunately there is no private health rebate for the Laser Therapy but we are able to break each session into a Podiatry Consult + Laser Therapy in which there will be a rebate for the consult if you have private health that covers Podiatry.


For more information on Fungal Nail Laser Treatment please contact the Bilinga clinic or email: info@naillasergoldcoast.com.au


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