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SportsMed Podiatry is a leading Sports Medicine Clinics at Bilinga which provides the Fungal Nail Treatment at affordable price.
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Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal Nails or Onychomycosis is an unsightly and stubborn condition to treat with no guarantee of success.  It often presents as discolouration in the nail with or without thickening.  There are many different treatments including medication prescribed from your G.P., over the counter ointments from your Chemist and Laser Treatment.


All have a similar rate of success and re-occurrence rate but an important consideration is time invested in treating the condition.  Especially with the over the counter ointments you have to be very diligent with application often having to apply once or twice daily for up to 12 months!


Fungal Nail Laser Treatment is gaining more popularity because of similar success rates but a much less investment of your time.  With as little as three laser treatments your fungal nail will reduce in severity and/or grow out completely.


The initial cost is sometimes confronting but when you compare this to time spent applying and cost over time buying $80 – $100 ointments then a better judgement can be made on whether laser treatment would be a better option for you.


For more information and to see if there are any special considerations before going ahead with Fungal Nail Laser Treatment please call SportsMed Podiatry at the Bilinga Clinic on (07) 5589 3252.


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