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How are SportsMed Orthotics made?

The process starts by the Podiatrist taking either a 3D image of your feet using a 3D foot scanner or an impression of your feet using a Foam Impression Box.  These are both accurate ways of getting your unique contours and shape of your feet.

A biomechanical assessment and gait analysis are then performed to gather the variables needed to know what your “best” foot position is and the amount of support that is required to reduce forces and movement through the feet and lower limbs.

After the consultation the Podiatrist sends a 3D Scanned file as well as a prescription form to an Orthotic lab which then mills the exact shape of the feet out of a sheet of plastic called EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate).

Your SportsMed Podiatrist then finishes the device off by grinding it to fit adequately into certain shoes.  They also apply certain pads, covers and modifications depending on what condition/s your orthotics have been prescribed for.