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Wearing-In Foot Orthotics

The two most important things to remember when wearing in your Foot Orthotics are to slowly increase your time in them and listen to your body!




1. Start off on the first day by wearing your orthotics for 1 to 2 hours.


2. Increase every day thereafter by 1 to 2 hours e.g. Monday 2 hours, Tuesday 3 hours, Wednesday 4 hours etc.


3. Listen to your body i.e. if you notice an increase in pain or discomfort anywhere up to your lower back then remove the orthotics.


4. Replace the orthotics that day or the day after and continue to slowly wear-in.


5. Allow at least 1 week of trying to increase your time in them before you contact your Podiatrist to communicate the difficulties.


6. If required you may need to return to the clinic or drop your orthotics off before the free of charge 2 week follow-up appointment to have your orthotics adjusted.


7. Make sure you communicate any issues you may have along the way in regards to your orthotics.