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Aleks shares his top ten running Podiatrist shoe tips for runner's on the Gold Coast.
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The Dreaded Blister Prevention and Management

12 Aug Aleks’s Top Ten Running Shoe Tips

  1. Have a thumb width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe
  2. Try 2 to 3 pairs on
  3. Choose which ever is the most comfortable while running in store – if undecided choose the lightest
  4. Do not forgo comfort for the sake of the shoe being lighter
  5. If you can afford to rotate between 2 to 3 pairs of different types of shoes
  6. Don’t be afraid to try on something different to what already maybe run in for a comparison
  7. Look at replacing your high mileage shoes between 600 to 800km for high mileage versions
  8. Look at replacing your lightweight training shoes between 400 to 600km for light weight trainers
  9. Look at replacing your racing shoes between 300 to 400km
  10. Use casual shoes to your advantage to help recover between running sessions

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