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Common Foot Running Injuries – Podiatrist Gold Coast

25 Jun Common Foot Running Injuries – Podiatrist Gold Coast

This time of year as a Podiatrist we see a number of patients on the Gold Coast who are getting pain in their feet after putting in months of hard training for the Gold Coast marathon.  Common running foot conditions include plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), morton’s neuroma, achilles tendonitis and achilles enthesitis (posterior heel pain).  These conditions can be frustrating to deal with but with the proper guidance we can usually help reduce your pain to hopefully make your marathon more enjoyable.  Simple things like improving your footwear choice that you are using for work, adding padding into your work and running shoes and making sure you have the correct type of running shoe for your gait pattern.  If you are getting pain the sooner you address the issue the better chance you have of running the marathon with less pain.

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