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At SportsMed Podiatry, we have learnt through experience the only way to do Initial Sports Podiatry Assessments properly is to spend a full 60 minutes with you. For further information please contact your closest clinic and ask to speak to the Podiatrist directly.
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60 minute Initial Sports & Exercise Assessment

One of our specialities is diagnosing your sports and running foot injury and linking all of the potential contributing factors to your pathology.  Another is then being able to clearly explain your condition and the contributing factors to you so you will then better understand why we put in place certain interventions and treatment.

To be able to do all of this properly we make sure we do not rush your appointment and spend up to 60 minutes with you during your initial consultation.

Below is an example of what would usually be covered during your initial consultation keeping in mind each case is different and some of the items listed here may not be relevant at the time of consultation.

  1. A thorough patient history
  2. Listing of all your symptoms and when they are worse
  3. Discussion of your goals e.g. a running event you might be working towards
  4. Clearly identifying and explaining the affected anatomy using aids such as foot models and iPad apps
  5. Diagnosis of your condition
  6.  Performing of a biomechanical assessment and slow motion video running gait analysis to figure out all contributing factors
  7. Commencement of treatment which may include massage, dry needling, taping and/or padding depending on what is being treated
  8. Home treatment and exercise plan prescription
  9. A recommendation and/or referral for the correct footwear
  10. A written referral for any scans (xrays, MRI, Ultrasound, bone scan) that may be needed to clearly further define your diagnosis.

At the conclusion of you assessment you will also get a combination of the following depending on what we are treating:

  1. Initial Sport Podiatry Assessment report via email
  2. Correspondence to GP, Specialist or referring practitioner if applicable 
  3. Gait analysis video via free phone application – if applicable
  4. Home treatment, exercise prescription and self reported pain tracking via free phone application
  5. Communication ecosystem including “hotline” – contact support between consults

If you do not think you require a 60 minute initial assessment or you would like a shorter appointment please let the receptionist know and they can book you in accordingly. If more time is required to get through everything the Podiatrist will be able to prioritise and do the remainder in the follow-up consultation.

For more information about our 60 minute Initial Sports Podiatry Assessments or ask to speak directly to a Podiatrist please click on your closest clinic.