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Running Orthotics

We will try and avoid using running orthotics as we promote first and foremost stronger running feet.  However depending on your condition, the duration of pain and your goals Orthotics can be a necessary tool to allow you to return to running sooner.


The good news is that you may not need to be in them for life and with the correct foot and lower limb strengthening exercises there is a good chance you will eventually be able to run without them.  Despite popular belief they do not weaken your foot muscles but attempt to reduce the overuse they may experiencing from excessive movement (excessive pronation or rolling-in).  They can also useful in some conditions to offload areas of high pressure such as under the metatarsal heads (ball of your foot) of your forefoot.


Running orthotics differ slightly from “normal” orthotics because are made specifically for running taking into consideration the high impact forces that are involved.


They need to be firm enough through the arch to try and alter the way your foot moves if needed however still flexible and soft so they help absorb shock and are extremely comfortable.


If they are needed all running orthotics made at SportsMed Podiatry come GUARANTEED in terms of comfort.



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